Photography Contest Winner

The theme for this year's photography contest was "Visitors" and we are very excited to share the winning photo by Claudia Rupnik. Claudia is a second year French Studies student with a penchant for black coffee, dimples on her cheeks, and a deep love for HAIM's latest (and completely brilliant) album, Something to Tell You. She is the fashion editor for MUSE Magazine and a staff writer for the Queen's Journal. When she's not writing, she can be found hiking in the Canadian wilderness, trying to convince her mother to send her flowers, and obsessively checking her mailbox for letters from her pen-pal. "This photograph was captured at the Mission Island Marsh, in Thunder Bay, ON. The car's re


"This is a photo I took last spring, I was inspired by the rebirth that nature was going through. Everything was in full bloom and I just wanted to capture that. I also wanted to play with light and shadow to contrast the softness created by the flowers and trees in the background." Check out the 31st Volume of the Undergraduate Review in March for more of Anastasia's work!

November Artist of the Month: Emily Joyce

Each year, the Undergraduate Review board is astonished by the quality of work submitted by Queen’s students. When we started to receive submissions for the 31st Volume of the Undergraduate Review, the board was blown away by one artist in particular, and we knew right away that we wanted her to be our first ever Artist of the Month. We are very excited to introduce you to Emily Joyce, a fourth year Fine Arts Major and Art History Minor at Queen’s. We asked her a few questions to learn more about her creative process. What is a critique that you’ve received about your work that you didn’t agree with? One critique that I have gotten many times is that I use too much bright colour in my works

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