Artist of the Month: Photo Gallery

To finish off our month with Joanne, we hope you enjoy this collection of some of her photos from around the globe. Be sure to follow her on instagram for more of her photography and to submit to the Undergraduate Review for your chance to be featured in the 31st edition and as our next artist of the month.

Artist of the Month Interview

This week, co-editors Emily and Bibi sat down with the Undergraduate Review's January Artist of the Month, Joanne, to talk about all things photography. Check out their chat on SoundCloud to hear more from Joanne.

A Fine Red Mist

The end of the world started with a fucking armadillo. Joel Miller, who was currently trying to free the roadkill from the grill of his ATV, had no way to know this, though. No way to know he was patient zero. No way to know that the moment the armadillo had crossed his path, had been obliterated into a fine red mist by his four-wheeler and sprayed all over Joel’s pudgy red face, he’d kickstarted the apocalypse. As Joel poked a bit of viscera through the slats of t he grill, screwing his face up in displeasure, he was utterly oblivious to the fact that a plague was sinking into his skin, racing through his veins, breaching the blood-brain barrier and digging its claws into every cell it touc

UR's Guide to (the writing) Life

Roaming the halls of Queen’s is one of the best resources for new writers on campus. Carolyn Smart teaches creative writing here and is a writer who has dedicated herself to supporting the efforts of new, emerging writers throughout the country. Beyond her teaching, Smart has founded the RBC Bronwyn Wallace literary award and judges for other awards like the emerging writers’ awards offered by the Malahat Review based in Victoria, BC. In a continuation of these efforts, Smart spoke with the Undergraduate Review over the phone, offering advice and tips for writers on campus who want to make a career of their craft. The first step to writing, in her mind, is that you ask yourself why you’re do

January Artist of the Month: Joanne Katherine

Joanne's work immediately impressed the UR board when she submitted photographs for the 31st publication of the Undergraduate Review. Joanne is in her fourth year of Global Development and Indigenous Studies. She is the Co-Editor in Chief of Ultraviolet Arts Magazine and has served as an editor for various publications on campus. For her, photography serves as an artistic and creative outlet to the stresses of life and opportunity to explore personal and familial identity. To kick off the month with Joanne, here are Bleak and Bleek, photos taken, as Joanne describes, "during a new and uncomfortable time and space." Both photos were shot on Canon Owl 35mm. Stay tuned for more with Joanne and

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