Camp Hollyburn, 1996

On the day of their wedding, my father wore a well pressed tie dye t-shirt, with the curving outline of a moose stamped on the front. My mother wore a crisp blue dress, cut at the knee and beige boat shoes from Value Village. The whole wedding took place between the wood panels of two canoes, twelve cabins and a dock. my aunt read a poem, my godmother lead the crowd in Bill Withers, Lean on Me, and the groomsmen jumped in the lake in their suits. One guy lost his car keys in the water, my father says he’s never laughed as hard as he did while they waded through the lake in sopping, heavy trousers, kicking up sand under the dock for four hours before they found them. He never remembers the gu

48 Concession Street, Apartment 202

What if trees became people in the curtains? It was something Judy was thinking about as she stood in the middle of her living room and stared at the sliding door which led to the balcony, the balcony she repeatedly thought about throwing herself off of. Judy would throw herself off the balcony, if she could only be certain the drop would actually kill her. She was certain it would damage her, surely it would break most of her, but all of her? She couldn’t tell, so she watched the shadows of the trees dance around in the white curtains and thought about how much they looked like people. Over the past few months she had thrown various objects over the metal rail separating her tiny frail body

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