Bibi is a fourth year political studies major, classical studies minor. She enjoys sketching but never likes the results. Her favourite artists express strength and passion in their work and her favourite writers stay far away from cliches.
Emily is in her fourth year of study in English and psychology.  writing and photography are her favourite forms of expression but she wishes she was a better painter.  She loves anything that tells a story and hates bad grammar.


Mirjana is an english major in fourth year con. ed. She's a fan of used bookstores, new notebooks and forcing her friends to listen to her spotify playlists.

ArtFest Coordinators

Kamal is currently in his third year studying politics. He loves art because of how limitless it is. His favourite types of art are music and photography and his favourite photographer is Petra Collins.
Angie is a biology major in her third year at queen's. In her free time she likes to read and do watercolour paintings. She loves that art can mean something different to everyone and that and it provides a wide variety of methods to convey meaning and emotion. She Loves learning more about people through their art and thinks that art is a great way to communicate and start conversations!
Kaylee is in herThird Year of Global Development & Political Studies. Her favourite thing about art is that it means something different to everyone. Its fluidity and cross-cultural accessibility transcends vastly different lived experiences by creating community. Her chosen art forms are music which helps her express herself and photography which allows her to document her life.

Events Coordinators

Jack is in his third year studying english. He likes art because it reminds people that things can be better. Jack loves to write and learn about characters and how they create themselves in his head. His favourite art to consume is visual art because he's not great at it and thus can appreciate the talent it takes. 
Emily is currently a fourth-year English  major. She has always been a bookworm at heart and desires to turn her passion into a career in publishing. Storytelling has always been at the centre of her life, and although she chooses to understand her own story through writing, she loves that people can express their own stories through various mediums. Her greatest inspirations come from travelling and an adventurous spirit.
Clayton is a fifth year English major, this is his first year working with UR. He likes his dog, books and coffee so much he had to limit himself to one a day because things were getting out of hand.

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