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Vol. 31 Launch

It's finally here!

After a year of hard work, the 31st edition of the Undergraduate Review has finally been released.

We are so proud of the finished product and are very excited to share it with the world. Creating this publication has really been a collaborative effort that couldn’t have come together the way it did without everyone who was involved and we are very grateful for each and every person who had a part in making it possible.

That being said, we have many people we'd like to thank. First off, to our amazing board, for showing up every week with their ideas and opinions, and for submitting their own works to the publication/website. You have all been invaluable members of this team.

Thank you to all those who contributed to the publication this year whether accepted into the final publication or not. We understand that sharing your art is an extremely vulnerable thing, and we are very grateful to those who put themselves out there and offered their art for us. We received so many incredible submissions this year and were really blown away by the talent of the Queen’s community.

Thank you to all the vendors and performers who were part of ArtFest. We love and value your art and everything you do in and for the Queen’s and Kingston communities!

This has been such an exciting, fun and rewarding journey and we are excited to see how the Undergraduate Review will continue to grow in the years to come.

- Bibi and Emily

Co-Editors-in-Chief 2018-2019

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